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Contraception helps protect you from pregnancy.

All routine implant and coil clinics are cancelled currently due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We hope to be able start clinics again soon. 

For the moment, we are running a contraceptive pills service by telephone. We can send pills in the post to you. 

Please call 0208 401 3766 or click the button below to book a telephone appointment with a contraceptive nurse to discuss your options. 


You can order certain types of contraceptive pills online via the link below. 

Order the pill online



To find out more about different methods of contraception click below.

Sex Wise Contraception Checker

Most of the following methods are available at Croydon Sexual Health Centre. Please call 0208 401 3766 for more information and to book a slot. 

Implant Copper IUD Coil Hormonal IUS 

The Pill 

Vaginal Ring Cap & Diaphragm 

Patch Injection

Condom Female Condom

Emergency Contraception   

Sterilisation Natural Family Planning