Dorota Mucha

I am Lead Psychosexual Therapist at the Heath Sexual Health Clinic at Croydon University Hospital, NHS Trust. 

I work with broad and diverse population of patients. Thanks to its rich diversity of Croydon community I have a chance to work with variety of issues connected to relationships, sex, culture, social context, etc. I help people to think about those factors are their potential impact on sexual functioning.

Apart from clinical work, I supervise the team of psychosexual therapist working at the clinic.  

In addition to working at the Heath, I manage my private practice US IN THERAPY  where I provide workshops to increase knowledge about importance of relationships, sensuality and intimacy (​. 

I have been interviewed for several magazines including Attitude and Vice. I also contributed as a consultant to several documentaries and plays exploring currently popular topics such as ChemSex and changes in society’s attitude towards love and relationships.

Furthermore, I work as a senior clinical staff member, lecturer and tutor at Tavistock Relationships.

My training and education involves MSc in Psychosexual and Relationship therapy with Tavistock Relationships (University of East London), Individual and Couples Counselling and Psychotherapy (TR), Counselling Psychotherapy with City University of London, MA in Social Psychology with University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Mentalization Based Therapy (TR).​

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Tavistock relationships